Alternative Glam Fashion News

Alternative Glam Fashion News

  • Steampunk Fashion and Celebrities

    Steampunk fashion has had powerful impact as inspiration to many movie writers and directors.

    We absolutely adore Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow, Megan Fox, as Leila in Jonah Hex and Will Smith rocking those costumes in Wild Wild West.

  • Pastel Fashion in 2022

    We've seen Pastels in Goth Subculture since the late 90s, however it seems that the fashion trend has grown to a new stage of tremendous popularity in the 20s, more profound than ever before.

  • The Chunky Boots

    Chunky boots have been around since the '60s, at first as combat style and later in the '70s as Dr. Martens well known Punk style boots.

    By the '80s the Punk boot had become a staple fashion accessory,

  • Alternative Goth Look Ideas

    It's towards the end of 2021 and the alternative goth society has moved forward, displaying desire for new creative ways in which they present their love for darkness.

  • Nu Goth Fashion

    What is a Nu Goth?

    Nu Goth is a Sub-Genre of the old Goth, mixed with Grunge, Pastel Goth & the 90s Hipster.

  • Fishnets & Mesh

    What is it that makes fishnets so appealing to us all?

    They do not serve practical but rather an aesthetic purpose in transforming any outfit by adding a pinch of timeless sex appeal.


    If you are naturally drawn by skulls, bats, owls and mystical amulets, dark style jewelry should absolutely be a major part in completing your outfit. Well, if you prefer, surely you can leave the clothing aside and wear jewelry only instead..
  • my closet

    Are you one of those creatures who is fascinated by the dark? If so, more than likely you simply looooove bats.

    These cute little animals, portrayed as part of all dark and evil are rather

  • Alternative Goth Fashion in 2021

    So,  you love dark fashion? Halloween is not just one day each year but rather part of your lifestyle? Does your closet consist of black clothing only? 

  • Oh My My My Gothic Makeup

    Wanna look different and try Alternative Fashion Makeup?

    Nowadays it's easy to achieve flawless and dramatic results by using variety of quality products and learn some basic techniques which will set the base for unleashing your talent and imagination into 

  • Gothic Home Decor


    Creating Dark Gothic Style home is a passion and lifestyle.

    You can start by adding an accent piece here and there and eventually painting all your walls in black or purple!

  • Halloween Fever - Ideas & Recommendations

    Halloween is a season to be creative and adventurous.

    Costume styles are changing with fashion, technology and the ideas to get inspired by are endless.

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