Alternative Goth Fashion in 2021 - Wearable Tattoo

Alternative Goth Fashion in 2021

So,  you love dark fashion? Halloween is not just one day each year but rather part of your lifestyle? Does your closet consist of black clothing only? Maybe. That's if you stuck to the old original Dark fashion look. Goth aesthetics has been around for some time! Perhaps it's time to explore the latest "Dark" fashion trends which are not necessary that dark.

We find that some of our best sellers amongst the Alternative Goth community in 2021 are pastels - pink, purple or blue, which stand out when combined with black boots, fishnet stockings and dark style jewellery.

Another trend is plaid. This retro look is currently extremely popular amongst the Alternative community.


Take a look, spice-up the "Dark" closet and stand out!

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