Steampunk Fashion and Celebrities

Steampunk Fashion and Celebrities

Steampunk fashion has had powerful impact as inspiration to many movie writers and directors.

We absolutely adore Johnny Depp in Sleepy Hollow, Megan Fox, as Leila in Jonah Hex and Will Smith rocking those costumes in Wild Wild West.

From the era clothing, to detailed accessories, as hats, jewelry and glasses, to boots and art.

Worldwide, Steampunk fans are taken into the magic of 19th Century adventurous attitude towards futuristic inventions and free minded thinkers' world.

Shiny brass, bespoke leather work, steam engines and all of that mixed with the nostalgic of the era, brought into our lives.

As Steampunk has become a huge fashion trend, with millions of fans worldwide, followers of the trend exhibit amazing imagination in dressing up as well as art creation.

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